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Do you want to create professional-quality videos and animation but have no budget to buy a subscription to Alight Motion Premium? On the other hand, in the free version of Alight Motion, you have to face problems such as watermarks on your exported videos and limited features that confine your creative potential. But don’t worry, I will provide you with a solution to all those problems.

Alight Motion Mod APK is a modded version in which you get all unlocked premium features at no cost. You can create videos and animations without watermarks and have access to many advanced features and effects.

The Pro version helps to create various layers for motion design and images. Hurry up and download this application without wasting any time on the device to get the amazing features of this app.


APP Name Alight Motion Mod APK
Latest VersionV5.0.260
Size160 MB
Last Update OnToday
Released OnAug 5, 2018
File TypeAPK
CompulsoryAndroid 6.0 or up
Supported ForOnly Android
DownloadsMore than 100 million
Rating4.8 Out Of 5
Cost 100% Free
Mod InfoPremium Unlocked
DeveloperAlight Creative, Inc.
SpecialtyNo Watermark
CategoryVideo Editing

Alight Motion Mod APK App

Alight Motion Mod APK is a very helpful application for editing videos. Moreover designing graphics on our mobile phones, we can create optical illusions and animations. This application is best for creating animations on Android mobile devices and iOS. Alight Creative Inc. provides this app free of charge with all fundamental features.

 It’s very helpful in removing copyright marks whenever some output video or photo contains copyright mark software. Also, it allows you to create multiple layers of graphics and motion designs. It gives a complete library of vectors for illustration freehand.

If you’re looking to use Alight Motion on your computer, check out our detailed guide on Alight Motion for PC.

Alight Motion Pro

If you want to use the surprising features of Alight Motion then use its pro version. It helps to create various layers for motion design and images. A wide variety of filters and professional editing tools. The pro version of this app is going to be a very helpful assistant for you.

This app is a free Android application, but its premium version is paid on the Play Store. But don’t worry; here on our site, we provide you its premium version 100% free of charge. This modded version of the Alight Motion without watermark for Android so that you can download it from our site. We also discuss its premium features below. Although there are many other video editing apps, this one is the best. This is the top-rated [4.8] app on the Play Store.

Features of Alight Motion Mod APK

Are you curious why Millions of people use this application? Let me tell you the most surprising features of this application due to which lots of people download it daily.

Keyframe Animation

Key Frame is a feature of the Aligth Motion Pro Version that you can use to modify motion frame by frame. In any frame, you can easily modify the size and shape of the target thing. You can mix different pose photos smoothly and create a dynamic animation easily by blending them.

During video animation, you can add custom elements and edit frames, which means you will be able to modify your video animation in detail. Many elements are available in this app that you can use in the video animation frame. This latest app offers you the ability to edit an animation video completely. Adjustment of color is also available for setting the colors of things in the object.

Feature of Alight Motion MOD APK

Why do we use keyframe Animation in our projects?

A keyframe is a positional tool in animation to showcase your unique style. With this tool, you can easily animate shapes, text, falling leaves, and clouds for realistic backgrounds and effects.

How to use Keyframe animation?

  1. Choose the element: Select an element to animate, such as an image or text, from the Alight Motion library.
  2. Set the starting Keyframe: Press the diamond button (+), pick the property you wish to work with and change its values to where you maintain that they should begin.
  3. Move forward in time: Leap to the endpoint, where you need to set the completion point.
  4. Set More Keyframes: Add other keyframes by using the same process if your animation videos are more complex.
  5. Play for double-check: In order to check if the keyframe works properly or not, play your animation videos. If it does not work properly, the APK gives you access to change settings and timing for further fine-tuning.
Visual Effects Feature of Alight Motion Mod Apk

Interesting Visual Effects

If you want your video to have a next-level look, then the effects in the animation video are very essential. So Alight Motion Pro Mod APK gives you amazing visual effects to use in motion graphics videos. In-store, more than 1000 visual effects are available, like ardent color, exposure, shadows, highlights, exposure, clouds, color tune, etc., and much more.

 Very easily, you can use these effects in your animation videos, and then your video will have an attractive look. Tunes of color are very helpful if you want to tune the video animation color. When you apply all these visual effects, you can control the exposure in the video.

Why do we use Visual effects in our creations?

We use visual effects in our video editing to create a cinematic look and feel. We can add blur effects, adjust lighting, and perform color correction to improve realism. Moreover, you can create a dreamlike world using visual effects like dramatic transitions, light bursts, artistic effects, and filters.

How to use Visual Effects?

  1. First of all, to apply VFX, select an image, video, or text layer.
  2. In the second step, you have to tap on the layer and select your desired effects from the APP library. Many visual effects, like blurs, distortions, colors, light, and shadow, are offered by APK. Moreover, you have access to customize effect parameters and intensity volumes.
  3. To get a unique and complex look, add multiple layers of effects.
  4. In the last step, animate your effects by adding keyframe animations to ensure they are adjusted accurately.

Blending Modes

Blending modes are very useful for adding many layers, adjusting shapes, and adjusting layer sizes in video. Adjustment of the layers with each other can be done by these options. You can also change the opacity of layers according to your choice. Lots of presets are available for blending modes in Alight Motion Mod APK.

 Blending Modes Feature of Alight motion Mod APK
 Vector Graphic of Alight Motion Mod Apk

Vector Graphic

By using this feature, you can make and customize high-resolution shapes and illustrations. Vectors are amazing and unpretentious images that you animate in this premium version. These are 2D or 3D picture sketches that you can add to an animation video. You can make vector images and animate them according to your desires in an animation video.

Why Do We Use It?

When we create logos, icons, and other animated elements, it is necessary to maintain their scalability. With the help of vector graphics, you can customize and combine vector images. The main advantage of vector images is their smaller file size because they need less storage space as compared to pixel images.

How to Use the Vector Editing Tool?

  • Click on the + button to use the vector editing tool in Alight Motion, and select vector from the menu.
  • Draw Your Shap: In Alight Motion Pro, you will get many options like a pin, brush, rectangle, and custom shapes to draw shapes. Moreover, you also have the ability to change the color, intensity, thickness, and opacity according to your needs.
  • Rotate and Scale Shape: To adjust, move, and rotate elements, choose the selection tool from the Alight Motion tools library. You can use the Employ Path tool if you want to split or add more points.
  • In order to give videos a unique and professional look, add your brand’s colors, gradients, and texture. With this app, you can make complex designs by stacking and manipulating various vector shapes.

Unlimited Fonts

The latest version of Alight Motion Pro APK provides you with a wide variety of in-built fonts, which are approximately 2000+, that you can use as text layers in your video. When in a graphic animation video you add the text, then you can animate the text in various forms very easily. 

By using these amazing fonts, you can give your text a next-level look that will attract viewers. Although thousands of fonts are available, if you want to use a custom text font, you can add your own font.

Unlimited Fonts Feature of Alight Motion Mod APK
Significant Color  of Alight Motion Mod Apk

Significant Color

The color of the video plays a very crucial role because it indicates a general mood or a particular context within the video. Users have access to that; they can set the color according to their desire, no matter whether they are viewing a long video or only a single scene. By using this feature, video editors can adjust more than one color, which alternates throughout the clip.

By using these amazing fonts, you can give your text a next-level look that will attract viewers. Although thousands of fonts are available, if you want to use a custom text font, you can add your own font.

Export Formats

One of the most amazing feature of Alight Motion Premium APK is export formats in which you can export various formats of video. You can easily export specific image frames from videos. To export animated videos a vast variety of videos and animation formats are present. Formats like MP4 (videos), PNG, MP4, XML, JPEG, GIF, etc are available. In these formats very easily, you can export your animated videos.

Export Formats of Alight Motion Mod APk
Feature Of Alight Motion Mod APK

High-Quality Download

Our video quality is lost when we edit the video, but this application solves the problem. By using this powerful editing tool, you can save your edited videos without losing the quality of the video in high definition. In this application, the HD option is present, so you can save your content to external or internal storage on your mobile phone.

Latest Features of Alight Motion Pro

Without watermark

When you edit your photos and videos, you face the problem that the watermark is still present in them. That’s why we are here with the latest version of the Alight Motion 2024 to solve the watermark problem. Without spending money, you can download your photos and videos without watermarks by using the Alight Motion Mod APK without watermark.

Support XML Files

 Like other features, this one also plays a very crucial role. The modded version of this application supports XML files that provide you with ease in using any file for editing and designing from anywhere. This feature makes Alight Motion unique from other similar applications.

Chroma key

In the latest version of this application, you have access to remove the background or spots in your images and videos. You can make videos of a green screen as well as blurred or blue background images. The chroma key is a game-changing feature that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Without spending money, change the background and remove the spot.

Premium Features unlocked

In the latest version, you can export your videos in 1080p and 4K and also use all the premium features. But first, you need to join the subscription. When you buy your subscription, you will be able to use all premium features and can start creating professional-looking videos. By using any type of feature, you can make astonishing videos.

No Ads

Every graphic designer faces the problem of ads during their work because ads waste their time and divert their intention. But don’t worry; Alight Motion Mod APK solves your problem. In this Mod APK, you will not face the problem of ads that disturb you during work, and now you can design your images and videos without any disturbance.

No Lag

The graphic designers who are users of Alight Motion face the issue of lagging during the process of editing or designing. This issue disturbs their work, and they cannot complete their work on time. To solve this problem, we are providing you with the new Mod APK 2024, which is lagging-free. The lag-free feature is very helpful, and you can get it without any delay.

Support premium Presets

All presets are unlocked in the Alight Motion APK version. By using these presets you can design your video and images at a professional level. Your videos and images look very attractive when you use presets. Get the benefit of these presets and amaze the world with your wonderful skill.

Difference in Paid and Free Versions

There are many features, like professional texts, filters, overlays, transitions, effects, and much more, that are not accessible to the users in the free version. while the PRO version is paid and users have complete access to all features.


To use this application, you must have an Android device because this app is specially made for editing videos on mobile devices. This app requires that your system have good hardware capabilities for editing videos. When you give proper power to this app, it performs its function very well.

The unallocated RAM of your Android device should be at least 1.5 to run and install this app. The system should have a quad-core processor and RAM of 4GB or more, then it does its job properly. The most important advice is: don’t forget to frequently update if you enjoy its latest features.

 What’s new in Alight Motion V5.0.260?

Without a shadow of a doubt! Alight Motion is the best professional motion design app with eye-catching visual effects, a wide variety of fonts, professional-level animation, video editing, video composing, and much more!

  • You can use cameras that can zoom, pan, and support focus, blur, and fog
  • You can adjust and change color as you wish.
  • Keyframe animation for all settings is available.
  • Add numerous layers of video, audio, and graphics.
  • Bitmap and vector support: you can edit vector graphics on your smartphone.
  • More than 160 basic building block effects can create amazing visual effects by combining them.
  • Child layers, link parent, and rig joints characters.
  • Create masks and also group layers together.
  • For more fluid animation easing, you can build your timing curves or pick from presets.
  • For easy editing, you can add bookmarks.
  • By using velocity-motion blur, you can make your videos smooth.
  • Support for exporting MP4 videos, PNG sequences, and GIF animation
  • Sharing of project packages with others is available.
  • You can get benefits from gradient effects and solid color.
  • On shadows, borders, and strokes, you can apply effects.
  • Using custom font support, you can add text.
  • You may copy and paste whole layers or only their style.
  • Too many performance improvements.
  • Raster extrudes, star polyhedron and contour strips are new effects in V5.0.260.
  • If you like some elements, you can save your favorite element to reuse in the future. Too many performance improvements.

 Installation and Download Method of Alight Motion Mod APK

Here, I will teach you the installation process. The installation method of this pro version is trouble-free. By following my simple instructions, you will be able to successfully install the app on your smartphone.

Follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, download the Alight Motion Mod APK file provided on our Website.
  2. At this moment, if it asks to enable “unknown sources,” then open your mobile settings, search for “unknown sources,” and turn it on by right-clicking.
  3. When the above steps are completed, open the downloaded file of Alight Motion and click on the “install” option.
  4. Wait until the installation is complete.
  5. Congratulations! The application has successfully been installed on your smartphone, and you can get the benefits of premium features for free.
Aligth Motion Mod APK installation infographic
Infographic: How to install Alight Motion Mod APK

How to Use Alight Motion?

It is trouble-free to learn how to use this app. You may be confused at first glance to see too many editing options and features. However, after getting familiar with these features and tools, you will fall in love with this app, and you can use it easily.

Before starting, you can watch the below video tutorial that explains features, functions, the user interface, and editing on the app.


In PRO APK, you need to buy a subscription plan to use its features. While in MOD APK, you can use premium features without any cost.

The membership price of Alight Motion Pro depends on the plan you choose. Its subscription plans are offered weekly, monthly, and annually.

 You can remove the watermark by following the method:

  • Subscribe to the Pro version and you can remove the watermark easily.
  • You can remove the watermark from Alight Motion by downloading the MOD version.

Yes, the Pro version is paid, but we are providing it to you free of cost. Just click on the available download button on our website and download free of cost.

You have access to premium features unlocked in the app, like making animation, XML file support, no watermark, 200+ amazing fonts, keyframe animation, graphics editing, animation videos, and more.

 Like other formats, the mod version also supports XML. You would be able to import any file from anywhere into the App, and you could work without conversion.

Yes, without the Internet, you can use it, but you will need an Internet connection when you want to share your work with others.

Yes, you can export videos in 1080p and 4K resolution by using Alight Motion Mod APK.

Final Words

I hope you liked this article, as it provides complete information regarding the problems that you face during editing, and you will also download this Mod APK for your smartphone. In my opinion, of all editing applications, this one is perfect for creating vector videos, motion graphics, animation, and much more.

You need different applications to use different features, but Alight Motion provides you with all these amazing features. You can use professional and latest features on your smartphone by using this application. Still in the Play Store, Alight Motion is the No. 1 animation and graphics editing app. Thanks for visiting.