How to Remove Watermark On Alight Motion Free 2024

Watermark is a big problem when you want to show your creativity in professional videos that are edited with Alight Motion. Due to its presence video does not look perfect and appeals to viewers. The value of erasing the watermark from a video is understood by video editors, both professionals and amateurs, as they usually produce videos for their own purposes or for third-party customers.

Alight Motion is a video editing software that has gained popularity. Using your smartphone, you can create amazing motion graphics, animations, and special effects. The single drawback of the free version includes the watermark. This article presents different techniques for removing watermarks on Alight Motion.

What is an Alight Motion Watermark?

The Alight Motion watermark is the app text or logo that appears on your videos when you edit them in the free version. A watermark is a logo that is used to promote an app on social media.

I’m going to provide a more advanced way of eliminating the watermark by using the premium version. It is a very easy method and also provides you with a whole array of additional tools to enhance your video editing capabilities. In this article, I cover many effective free methods for removing watermarks. Continue reading.

Methods to Remove Watermark On Alight Motion

There are many methods that you can use to remove watermark from your videos, but only a few methods work properly. I suggest the four best ways to remove watermark or logos from your videos in the Alight Motion App. Follow the methods given below:

remove watermark

Buy a Subscription of Alight Motion

The best method to remove a watermark is to use the premium version of Alight Motion. It offers many features and benefits, which include removing the watermark from exported videos. Its premium version not only supports the developers but also gives access to a wide range of editing tools that improve your video editing experience.

Use Watermark Remover

Mobile phones allow you to create stunning motion graphics, animations, and visual effects. The free version has one drawback and that is the watermark. In this article, we discuss various methods to remove watermark from Alight Motion. When it detects a watermark, it automatically removes it. Be careful while using an authentic watermark remover, which can secure and not decrease the quality of your video.

Crop the Video

You can also remove the watermark by manually cropping the video or an image. Basically, many watermarks are located in a specific area of the video; carefully crop that area without damaging your video content. Many video editing apps can give you a cropping feature. But sometimes it may affect the original content of your video or images.

Use Alight Motion Mod APK

Having videos without watermarks makes your work look more professional. If buying the Alight Motion subscription is too expensive, there’s a free solution. You can download a modified version of the app, known as the Alight Motion mod APK. This lets you use all the premium features without paying. You get access to everything, like no watermark, new fonts, no ads, Alight Motion Presets, and many more. This is a great way for anyone to make their videos look top-notch without spending money.

Benefits of Removing Watermark from Your Videos?

The presence of any watermark or logo of the software makes your video unprofessional. A good content creator always removes a watermark from their video. The videos will not rank higher due to the presence of a watermark. Removing a watermark has various advantages. A few of them are discussed below:

Elevate Professionalism

Applications like Alight Motion can make your videos more efficient, especially if you show them in seminars in the form of a presentation to your clients. Removing the watermark shows that you want your video to look attractive and that you pay attention to making it perfect.

Avoiding Distractions

Although a watermark is a tiny logo or text, sometimes it disturbs the attention of viewers, especially when they are positioned in a way that diverts attention from the main content. By removing water, you can engage the viewers to see your video with more attention.

Improved Branding

Removing the watermark on Alight Motion is very important when you present a video that is related to some brand or some special message because it may divert the attention of the viewers. Don’t forget to remove the watermark, especially when you create content for business purposes or personal branding.

Comparison of all Watermark Removal Methods

We have discussed three methods that are mostly used to remove the watermark.

Video Cropping

It is a very easy and free-of-cost method to remove the watermark from videos. Moreover, you increase the resolution of the video. Sometimes cropping may impact the composition of the whole video.

Third-Party App

It is a perfect method to remove the undesired watermark from your video. For this purpose, users have to download and install the software.

Mod Version

This perfect and guaranteed method that is used to remove the watermark. Users have to buy the premium version of Alight Motion to remove the watermark. But don’t worry you can get the mod version free of cost from this link [].

We provide you with all possible methods and their requirements. Now you can choose any method that is suitable for you. Every method has its own benefits and is launched for your ease.

Effective Watermark Removal Tips

While using any method to remove a watermark must follow the following tips:

  • Always work on high-quality video content. 
  • Must work on high-quality video content. It may be possible to enhance the video resolution by removing the watermark.
  • After video editing and removing the watermark, must preview the video entirely and export it to your device.
  • While cropping the video and removing watermarks from it must try to attain the original ratio of your video.
  • Always try to use official Apps like Alight Motion to edit your video because official apps ensure the safety of user data.

How to remove watermark in alight motion for free

  1. First of all open the app after downloading it from the previous page.
  2. Then creating a new video project in this application is very easy; you just have to click on the “+” icon.
  3. After that, make sure to select the desired quality, frame rate, and background or backdrop once you’ve done that.
  4. Then start the project, click the “Create Project” button, and then browse to load the video file.
  5. The edit option needs to be extensively used if you want your video to have an excellent output; when done, export the movie using a symbol similar to an exit arrow.
  6.  Next step, select the format you want, and finally, click on the “Export” button again.
  7. The watermark will disappear after waiting for the process to complete and then viewing the result. In this way, my dear friends, you won’t have any problem in removing the watermark from Alight Motion.


Yes, by cropping your existing videos you can remove the watermark, or you can also use watermark-removing tools.

Four methods are mostly used:

  • 1:Crop the video
  • 2: Purchase Subscription
  • 3:Use the Mod version of Alight Motion
  • 4: Use a third-party tool


Without a doubt, Alight Motion is the best app that is used worldwide and is present on the Google Play Store. However, it has one drawback that frustrates people, which is a watermark because it lowers the overall quality of the video.

 But do not worry. In the above, we comprehensively guide how you can remove a watermark. I hope you will find this article very helpful.

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