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Alight Motion is the best motion graphics editor for Android. It is perfect for creating animation, motion graphics, and composting. You can make a professional-level video that attracts viewers. By using its latest features, you can make your Motion design a relaxing and calm process with a professional touch.

This software has many amazing features, such as the Alight Motion Presets. The users of this application love this feature. These presets, which you can identify as pre-designed video templates, help you edit videos faster in Alight Motion. Time is saved and remarkable results are produced with these presets.

Alight Motion presets

How To Use Preset in Alight Motion?

Presets play an important role in the improvement of your film and add flair. You will learn how to use present in Alight Motion to improve your project  in the following steps:

  1. First of all, open Alight Motion on your device.
  2. Start to make a new project or open an existing one.
  3. Go to the segment where you add preset. It may be for your effects, text, transitions, or any other element that is in your project.
  4. To apply presets look for the option. 
  5. It may vary because it depends on the element you are working with. For example, you may get the preset option in the text properties panel if you are working with text.
  6. Click on the preset option to open the preset library.
  7. Look through all available presets and select one that you want to use. If you want to check the presets before applying them, you can do so.
  8. Click on your favorite preset to apply it to your project.
  9. The preset can be adjusted if additional settings or parameters are needed.
  10. keep editing your project as desired.
  11. Check out your project preview to examine how preset improves your creation
  12. If the changes you made by preset are satisfactory, save the project.

How Presets Can Improve Your Videos?

The use of presets in Alight Motion is helpful for you because they save precious time. Here are a few examples of how presets are useful:


When you use preset, it gives a consistent visual style to your video, making it professional and eye-catching.


It makes the image perfect from every angle and adjusts every detail of the image. It also suggests you focus on the creative part of the editing process.


It allows you to do creative editing without wasting mental energy. It helps you in advanced-level editing.

Advantages of Presets Usage

There are many advantages of using presets in Alight Motion that improve your video editing experience:

Efficiency and Time Saving

The use of presets in Alight Motion is very helpful for you in completing your work more efficiently and effectively within a limited time. When you use presets you will not need any manual touch which saves time to do something more in your creations. It allows you to make any change quickly and easily.

Professional and Polished Creations

The video style can be maintained consistently throughout the video by using presets in Alight Motion. So, it will help you to create a professional and polished presence in your creation. Its use is so simple and easy. A new user can also use these presets without any difficulty and can produce wonderful motion graphics.

Gain Creative Inspiration

Within Alight Motion you can get multiple effects, animations, styles, and many more amazing features that you never see before. All these amazing features are also available in Alight Motion Presets which help you to obtain creative inspiration for your motion edits.

Types of Alight Motion Presets

Alight Motion Latest Version has many types of Presets that are used in editing. A few types are discussed below:

Alight Motion Presets

Transition Presets

Transition presets are used when you want to improve smooth transition between video clips and want to conserve consistency throughout your creation. These transition presets also allow you to add a gentle finishing touch to your work

Animation Presets

This is a fantastic preset that is used whenever you want to add some imaginative touch to your videos by animating its content like; shapes, graphics, texts, or any other element. This preset gives a new charming look to your videos that attract viewers.

Color Grading Presets

The color grading presets are very helpful for you in color correction, color grading, color adjustments, and many other tasks to perform easily. So editing with this preset plays a great role in visually appealing creation.

Filters and Effects Presets

Filters and effects play an important role in video editing. They give charming looks to your editing. Many different filters and effects presets are available to make your content eye-catching. If you want to give a captivating look to your content then don’t forget to try these filters and effects presets.

Sources of Alight Motion presets Downloading 

You can download Alight Motion presets from different sources. Some of them are discussed below:

Online Sources

Finding Alight Motion presets by link is a very simple process. There are several online sources that you can use to download these presets. These online sources are websites, play Store, forums, and a few other dedicated marketplaces through which you can download these presets. These also have different presets to explore and import on your Alight Motion app.

Dedicated Apps

Some dedicated apps help you to find Alight Motion presets by using the App Store. You can get presets from dedicated apps which are the best video editing apps available for building up your video editing projects.

Online communities

One of the other best ways to find presets is online communities. Join online communities like groups of social media to find shared resources and user-generated presets.

How to Use XML Preset in Alight Motion?

In the first method edit your films with XML coding using Alight Motion presets. The presets will be shared with this technique when its owner shares a file with an XML extension. You will also need to find a proper XML video format before creating a video with an XML Alight Motion preset.

You will learn the use of XML preset in Alight Motion in the following steps:

  • Alight Motion needs to import XML files. To do this, download the XML-formatted preset file first.
  • Then go to the Google account file and open the preset after downloading.
  • After a few moments, templates will be downloaded and installed in the Alight motion effects editing program
  • You can view presets in the project menu.

How to Use the Preset in Alight Motion Google Drive?

To use the preset in Alight Motion Google Drive follow the below steps:

  1. First of all, search the preset file from Google Drive and download it.
  2. Open Alight Motion and go to your project.
  3. Then on your video apply and customise the preset.
  4. Save your edited videos and export them.

How to use Preset in Alight Motion Android and iPhone?

  1. Firstly download the preset on your device.
  2. Then open Alight Motion and start the project.
  3. Put a new layer in your project.
  4. Now you need to import the preset file.
  5. If you want to customize the preset you can do so.
  6. Then preview and make adjustments.
  7. Save your edited videos and you can export them.


Presets are actually photo-editing options that convert your digital photographs quickly. The users can edit their videos with some specific styles due to the presets of Alight Motion.

Yes, it’s possible you can create your own presets for Alight Motion that are special for your editing habits.

Yes, you can import and apply presets across different devices by saving them with your project

Yes, you can make videos and photos by applying my presets to Lightroom.


Alight motion presets produce a great change in video editing. It gives a fast track to the user to make their content professional and quality. You can unlock the world of efficiency with presets, which are pre-crafted effects arrangements. With these presets you can take your editing skills to the next level. This article covers all the information about Alight Motion presets and their use.

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