Alight Motion Old Version APK (All Versions) Free Download

Do you want to download old and latest versions of Alight Motion to edit your videos? Stop searching more because now you are at the right place. All versions are available; you can download any version that you want. Alight Motion old version is a fantastic video editing tool through which you can create videos and photos professionally.

As compared to Alight Motion’s old version, the Latest Version of Aligth Motion Mod APK has improved the Android handset’s video editing capabilities. You can use all premium features without charge. This app is provided by Alight Creative, and you can download it from Playstore without spending a single penny. You can use all premium features in Alight Motion Pro APK.

Alight Motion Old Version

Here is the downloading link for all old versions of Alight motions choose your version and start working.

Old Versions

Add multiple layers of graphics, video, and audio

Edit vector graphics on your phone!

No watermark and it unlocked

No watermark and it unlocked

Premium features Unlocked

Unlocked  Paid Subscription

Login with Facebook 

Added XML Support

No Ads

Premium features Unlocked+Added support for XML in the sharing project

Download V5.0.177.1000045
Download V5.0.113.104435
Download V5.0.62.103295
Download V4.5.194.20267
Download V4.5.30.15743
Download V4.5.3.12864
Download V4.4.9.8612
Download V4.3.1
Download V4.
Download V4.2.2

Why Do We Need Alight Motion Old Versions?

The first question that arises in your mind is why so many people still love older versions of Alight Motion. Why are they still important in the presence of the latest version? Due to many reasons, the old versions still exist.

One of the main reasons for their existence is compatibility. The latest version of Alight Motion is not compatible with some devices because the RAM (random accessible memory) of older devices does not have enough space.

Therefore, users will face the problem of lagging and frequently disconnecting. To get rid of these issues, he wants to work on previous versions of the Alight Motion Mod App.

As everything required some time to adjust. In the same way, the users of Alight Motion’s old version are not mentally prepared to change their version because they are used to the old version and feel comfortable with the old version.

The last and most important reason, why users want to stick with the old version is that many tools and features are updated in the old versions. Due to the update, the functionality of that specific tool and feature is also changed. That’s why users prefer older versions instead of Alight Motion’s latest version.

Alight Motion Mod APK Old Versions

The Android video editor software is known as Alight Motion. The users can edit videos that are available on their devices. In just a few minutes, you can edit videos according to your specifications using this well-organized user interface. In the old version of Alight Motion Mod APK, the files you want to edit can be dragged and dropped onto a timeline.

This program provides different timelines, including audio, video, and image timelines, among many other timelines. This straightforward organization makes editing very easy. You have not only access to manage each project independently, but you can also manage all projects that you have started from the main tab.

Many amazing features are available, like the ability to change the color of the image and make transitions between mix clips. You can make the post-production process more enjoyable by adding amazing effects and animations to the videos that you have already shot. Moreover, You can make the editing process easier with the help of templates.


  • Animations can be created with keyframes.
  • You can add more pictures and graphics to the video.
  • More than 1000 premium fonts are available.
  • Different blending modes are available for use.
  • Alight Motion’s old version has no watermark
  • Cameras can also zoom, pan, and fog.
  • Colors can be changed.

Advantages of Alight Motion old Version 

As the new version of Alight Motion provides the latest features and optimizations, older versions also have their advantages:

Stability and Familiarity

The stability and dependability of the old version have been improved by rigorous testing and refinement. If the users are familiar with its features and interface, they can easily navigate the app.

Best for Old Devices

Old versions of Alight Motion Pro APK are suitable for old devices. Their performance on old devices is very smooth and compatible, even on devices that have low specifications. Moreover, you can use the Alight Motion Old version on iOS and Windows. These versions have no watermark.

Offline Editing

one of the best benefits of the old version is that users do not need the internet constantly, so they can edit the videos offline, which is beneficial in limited or no internet situations.

Resource Optimization

The old version uses only a few resources of the system. That’s why the battery life is improved, and there is lower pressure on the processing power of the device.

If you want to download Alight Motion For PC you can visit our Website.


No, Alight Motion’s old version has no watermark.

If you need to go back to an older version of the app, you can explore Alight Motion version history Uptodown. There will be a listing of software file versions accessible for download from Uptodown. The Android users can get rollbacks for Alight Motion.

Yes, an old version of Alight Motio also works on iOS.


All current and previous versions of Alight Motion are available here. Therefore, you can download any version that you want from here. The older version can be downloaded from this page if you wish to use it. The most recent and updated versions are also available on this page

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